About me

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Hi, I am Nas

My name is Nasrullah, I was born in Kesah village on 7th October 1992 at central Lombok West Nusa Tenggara. I am the third son from five children.

I took English classes and moved to Senggigi in west Lombok in 2011 for staying with my Grandparents while looking for a job before I was able to continue my study at the university.

I teach introduction-English at a local school in my village. It is very important that the kids start learning very early because Senggigi is a main tourism area so we need the kids and people at the village able to speak English.

Also I was a volunteer secretary to help my environment for cleaning up the beach and the village.

On the other hand I worked as a freelancer guide and driver for a tour and travel company.

I finished my university at 2018. I decided to live in Senggigi and build my house at 2014. I married my beautiful wife in 2017 and very soon I will become a father for my first time.

I was effected by the earthquake tragedy in Lombok on August 2018 as many people lost their homes, including me and my village.

I got a lot of help from great friends around the globe and now me and my wife are able to rebuild our house and getting back to business as your tour guide and driver. I look forward to meeting you.