An ultimate Guide to Lombok

An Ultimate Guide To Lombok

If a place with outstanding scenery and peace is what you are calling to spend your holiday in, Lombok could be your perfect fit destination. This famous tourist destination of Indonesia can spin your head with its marvels' aspects.

Lombok is also known as an undiscovered paradise due to being located between Bali's most popular island and an uncharted Sumbawa island of West Nusa Tenggara. Geographically, Lombok is roughly in circular shape with a tail to the southwest. Its spectacular beauty is somewhat comparable to Bali to the west due to similar size, density, and cultural heritage. Moreover, this fantastic site is surrounded by enormous smaller islands as well.

How To Reach Lombok

Like other tourist places, you can easily get there by flight from any international city. As it is an Island, so neither by car nor by railway connectivity you can reach here. You can reach Kuta beach in Lombok in about 30 minutes from the airport and Senggigi beach in almost 1 hour. Rest, the tour guide Lombok facility is always available to help you reach your desired destination in Lombok.

Getting Around

When it comes to exploring Lombok, public transportation may not give you the best experience, as the good transportation availability availability is only in bigger towns. Some transport facilities are usually available at certain times only and can also be time-consuming while switching one bus to another, so it may not come out as a time-effective approach. Rent a car or hire a tour guide Lombok driver to ease your travel.

What to Pack

Packing some necessities according to the place you want to go on a holiday trip is always a point to note. As per Lombok weather which is almost tropical, you should pack your bags accordingly. You must add on the below items if your planning is to have fun on the Lombok trip.

Best Places to Visit

Lombok is unpopular yet a place with outstanding beauty. Several places here are worth visiting. As it is usually compared to Bali, there are must-watch sightseeings. Add the following sites to your Lombok trip and live the natural essence around you.

Hire Your Tour Guide

If you really want to enjoy every essence of nature without worrying about transportation or site planning, you must rely on tour guides. Hire a tour guide who can serve the driver service along with the tour guide. It would be the best possible option you will have. Most importantly, don’t depend upon any tour guide without any investigation. Try to go to their websites, check their reviews, talk to them, and then go ahead with your selected tour guide.

If you have already made your plan to come to Lombok or planning is in the process, then you can count on your “Nas Tour guide.” You will find everything in his services that you will look for in a worthwhile tour guide Lombok.