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Central Lombok Tour

Central Lombok Tour

Get back to nature and experience the natural beauty of Lombok with a soft trek to the twin waterfalls of Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu. See the Ampenan Local Market, let local people show you traditional Sukarara hand weaving as well as Banyumulek (Lombok Pottery)

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• Visit Ampenan local Market, you can go around the market for looking the local activities for selling daily need.
• By visiting Sukarara hand weaving you will feel like local people. free for wearing a traditional clothes and take picture at Lombok traditional house.
• Bayumulek Lombok pottery is an art made from clay. You will see the process and lots of unique style.
• Trek past trees of banana, jackfruit, coffee beans and others planted by the locals and swim in the refreshing waters of the Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu waterfall.

What's included:

• Private transportation with Van

• Bangsal harbor, Sengiggi harbor
• Any hotels in Senggigi, Mataram and Kuta Lombok

Tour duration:
6-8 hours

Price for max 2 pax:
60 USD

Price for max 4 pax:
80 USD

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